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Naturally Speechless

Speechless is the greatest little company for perfecting your presentation skills. We are specialized in the spoken word. We prep you to express your thoughts on stage. Or assist in writing a compelling speech.

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Our company was founded in 2003 by Edmée Tuyl. Edmée trained as a ballet dancer, studied philosophy and became one of the first full time speechwriters and self-employed speaking coaches in The Netherlands.

She connected her dots: like dance public speaking is a performing art. Clear thinking precedes messages. Messages need proper and compelling forms to persuade.

At Speechless we are dedicated to help you find your own voice. We improve your (executive) presence, rapport and confidence when you reach out with the spoken word

We believe all speeches and presentations should be worthwhile and true.

There are already plenty of people who try to be someone else. In our coaching and training programs we therefor stay clear from artificial tricks. Instead we help you to get back to the essence: clear thinking, good posture, sound voice and how to be true and you when the going gets tough and the spotlights are on.

Our specialties? Audience centered presentation skills, self-presentation, ceremonial speeches, effective use of visual aids, rhetoric, speechwriting and redesign of speechwriting departments.

We are sought after by speakers and speechwriters in the public and private sector. Amongst our clients you’ll find artists, consultants, CEO’s, designers, lawyers, managers, policymakers, teachers, thought leaders, students and scientists and many others who have something to say and are in need of sound and practical advice.

We are committed to adhere to the National Communication Associations Credo for Ethical Communication as applied to public speaking.